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Mission and Vision Statements

Lorenzo Manor’s Mission Statement: The Lorenzo Manor community empowers all students to reach their full academic potential and to be socially responsible, lifelong learners.

Vision Statements:
  1. Strive towards all students being literate in Reading and Writing and competent in Mathematics.
  2. Engage students in rigorous learning opportunities to promote problem solving and critical thinking
  3. Develop a partnership with parents, teachers, students and staff, with all actively involved in preparing students for success in a changing society.
  4. Create a positive and safe school climate where students consistently show respect, solve problems, and make wise choices, as well as cultivate an enjoyment of learning.
  5. Develop, teach, and promote empathy, social awareness and responsibility
  6. Collaborate within and across grade levels and communicate common goals

San Lorenzo USD Mission: The San Lorenzo Unified School District teachers and staff will collaborate with families and the community to cultivate safe learning environments and ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students. All students will become engaged community members contributing to, and becoming good stewards of our changing world. All students will reach their highest potential as creative and critical thinkers prepared for college, career and life-long learning.